Interior Design

-kitchen remodel

-bathroom remodel

-floor plans

-lighting selection


-furniture selection

-accessories and picture displays

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Senior Services

 -Safety Assessment:  We assess all of your furniture, flooring, appliances, handles, knobs, window treatments, lighting fixtures, electrical, stairways and many more items that may need to be updated to make your home safer. We will evaluate your home looking at fall prevention and mobility challenges.  We will review the safety analysis checklist with you for recommendations of safety updates to be made.

- Safety Implementation: We can implement all of the safety analysis modifications or updates in a beautiful way.  We will identify, purchase and manage the installation of the safety items while keeping your home beautiful and saleable.

-Kitchen and Bathroom Modifications: We can modify or update your kitchen and bathroom fixtures and countertops to accommodate medical and safety needs. If the entire room needs remodeling we can handle the entire process for you.

-Downsizing: We can help you create a comfortable and stylish home as you downsize. Fern has had experience in moving her mother and other clients into new accommodations and has helped them take more than they thought they could. We can design a custom floor plan you will love. We will help you select furniture and accessories to keep and create a floor plan of where everything will go in your new home. Moving to a one bedroom or shared room does not mean you have to give up your comforts in life.

Room Arrangement

Many clients have fabulous furniture and accessories but need some help arranging the items. Our trained eyes can transform your space. You won't believe what you have and how it can be used.

Wall Decor and Picture Display

The simple task of displaying pictures can be tricky. One piece of artwork that is offset or in the wrong place can ruin the etitre wall. These finishing touches are important. Let us help. We can strategically place all of your pictures so they are harmonious and enhance the remainder of the room.


Moving to a smaller residence can be tricky when trying to decide what to keep and where it will fit. Our trained professionals can look at your current and new residence, draw up floor plans and lay out a guide as to what will go where. You will know exactly what will fit into the space and where to place it making your move stress free.


Upholstering any piece of furniture can be quite an investment. It is difficult to envision a small swatch of fabric over a large sofa. We know what will work and have access to thousands of "to the trade" fabrics to choose from. Let us turn your old furniture into furnitrue that is as unique as you.

Custom Furnishings

-custom window treatments

-custom designed and  built furniture and     cabinetry

-custom bedding including duvet covers  

-decorative pillows

-upholstered headboards

We have the trained eye to allow the colors, the placement and the size of each item to flow in the space provided.

Custom Furniture

We can design a custom cabinet or wall unit that will fit your space and needs perfectly. Our skilled craftsmen will create a piece just for you.

Home Staging

Selling your home can be a challenge. You want your potential buyers to envision themselves living there. We stage your home for the quickest sale possible by arranging your furniture and accessories, removing any items that would distract the prosepctive buyer and offering suggestions that will help your home become a successful sale. The investment of staging your home is less than the cost of a price reduction. Staged homes sell quicker and at a higher price.

Low and open countertop to accommodate a wheel chair

We work with qualified, friendly contractors and artisans and can manage your entire project. You can rest assured that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.

Roll in shower and open countertop